April 16, 2014

A cult classic that bored me.

If you've been following me on Instagram (shameless promotion - @esoradiam), you would've already noticed I stopped with my #project365 entries. I got lazy and it wasn't fair to continue posting it as #latergram because it defeats the whole purpose of the exercise. I still have my #40for2014 movies though and I'm very happy to say I just finished #18 last Sunday which nearly lulled me to sleep.


Is there something wrong with me if I say I was bored by Reality Bites? The soundtrack was awesome though but I never felt a connection with the characters. Quite odd considering the story is a cult classic among yuppies during the 90s. Generation gap, perhaps? But there's no denying Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder make quite a gorgeous twosome.

Anyways, I'm catching up on my reading since I'm scheduled for some book reviews as part of the #buqosteamyreads blog tour. I really wish I had the diligence and the time of these amazing authors to finish a story. For starters, I began posting in Wattpad under a pen name hoping to finish a WIP that has been sitting in my hard drive for years! It started out as a BoF fanfic that I'm currently editing as an original story. I need my muse. In the meantime, watch out for my posts about The Bestfriend Hook Up by Suzette de Borja, Finding Mr. Write by Adelaide Penne and Old Enemies Make The Best Lovers by Kate Sebastian. These stories are all available exclusively on Buqo so please do grab a copy if you're looking for something new to read. #supportfilipinoauthors

April 15, 2014

All these grown-up feels.

I'm happy to announce that I finally opened my Mutual Funds account with Sun Life yesterday. Yayyy! So this is what they call baby steps to financial maturity. I'm very excited since I've never invested on anything before. Ganito pala ang feeling. Hopefully I'll be able to save enough to open a Variable Life Insurance in the next few months. *crosses fingers*

Another thing to be thankful for is the birth of my bestfriend's baby. Welcome to the world, Isaiah James! Tita Rosey can't wait to meet you this July. I still can't believe Reah is now a mom. Wasn't it only yesterday that we were nothing but carefree college students roaming the grounds of UP? LOLs! Anyways, since this is the first baby in our group, expect him to be showered by attention from his doting titas.

What's up with his rainy Holy Week, huh? The weather's been pretty erratic for four days now and this doesn't bode well for those planning to spend the long weekend at the beach. Masyadong late naman ata nagparamdam si Domeng, don't you think? I need the sun. I miss the sun. Sana naman magka-araw na before Easter Sunday.

April 14, 2014

Words can be poison.

I had a bad day yesterday. No, BAD would be an understatement for what I felt after I was verbally abused. How can people spout venomous words so easily like it's second nature for them, huh? The worst part was, I did nothing but cry in frustration. Damn, filial piety!


But since I don't think it's fair that I unburden myself in this blog, I'm getting a journal where I can write my disappointments in all honesty. Someday, if ever I have kids, I hope to let them read it so they may know that they will never have to undergo everything that I experienced to please other people. Now I know why I cried during Four Sisters and a Wedding. I AM Bobbie Salazar. Or at least 80% of me is. Every sentiment of Bea's character in that movie resonated to how I felt about my place in this family. Nakaka-deflate ng self-esteem but yeah, it's true.

Parents, never make your child feel they're worthless just because they don't live up to your expectations.

April 11, 2014

Friday free day!

Don't you just love the liberating feeling Fridays give you? For one, it signals the start of the weekend and two, you're almost set to leave the baggage of the current week behind. I've been MIA from this blog for almost a week now because aside from writer's block, I was basically too busy at work to even come up with a decent entry. Without realizing it, I missed a lot of important things to chronicle in my blog.

Let's start with the How I Met Your Mother series finale. It amuses me to no end how die-hard fans raised their hackles over the last episode. Thank goodness I'm just an occasional viewer who enjoys every episode I watch. I didn't hate the finale. In fact, it was okay for me. I guess I've always had the gut feeling it was the endgame TPTB had in mind for the show. The only thing is, it came at the expense of another (well-loved) character. Those distraught can take comfort on the confirmation of an alternate ending to be featured on the final season's DVD set.

While we're at the subject of TV shows, how wicked was this week's episode of S.H.I.E.L.D. huh? My sister is still in denial about the show's recent developments. How often do you get an episode that sails and sinks your 'ship at the same time? But I love how it neatly ties up with the events that happened in Captain America. Woohoo for continuity!

Today I also met up with a financial adviser recommended by my office mate. I realized I wasn’t getting any younger and it’s about time I actually start making my money work for me. It’s a toss between Variable Life Insurance or Mutual Funds but I’m learning towards the latter for now. Cha promised to email me a proposal for my VUL to help me decide. Who knew taking a step towards financial freedom can be exhilarating?

April 1, 2014

One year.

With the conclusion of How I Met Your Mother today, I have decided to start watching the earlier seasons as soon as PLDT returns to its normal download speed. For now, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. takes precedence over all other shows. Hehe! Already a decade since it ended, the show still has that charm of making me laugh at Chandler's sarcastic jokes, annoyed by Ross and Rachel's on-off relationship, amused by Joey's optimism, impressed by Phoebe's street-smart attitude and wishing I was actually Monica.

Always and forever will be my FRIENDS OTP.

Speaking of shows, I'm sorry but I had to drop Crisis and Star-Crossed from my viewing list. Both pilots underwhelmed me that it barely registered on my radar to watch the second episode. Besides, my plate is already full with my procedurals plus the five or six more shows that I religiously follow --- I can hardly keep up! If only I watched TV for a living, huh?

Still, I'm feeling a little celebratory for this new month because today marks my first anniversary at Ripe. Woohoo! I managed to survive one full year of being a dayshift employee. Plus, I've learned a lot career-wise from being a content writer to a project manager. It's a 360 degree shift from my previous job but I am not complaining. Instead, I look at it as a blessing because God has allowed me to grow in terms of work aptitude.  
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