December 10, 2013

Wake me up when December (20) ends?

One down, two more to go. The sooner December 20 comes, the better. Between today until that date, I have:

1. An office Christmas party to attend.
2. The Mike and Jazz wedding in Manila.

Just finished my salon appointment last Sunday so that's off the table. My weekends are busy, and I'm not used to it. LOLs! Such are the woes of a homebody whose life suddenly turns hectic during December. But this comes only once a year so I have no choice but to soldier it on.

Our office Christmas party though, drives me nuts. So much for keeping it simple after all the calamities, huh? Good thing the theme is high school. All I need to worry about is putting together a preppy attire. *crosses fingers*

Still on the fence about the Manila trip. Again, no one seems to give a rat's ass where we'll be staying for the duration of the wedding. My supposed flight-mate still doesn't have a ticket and most of all, I don't have a dress (and shoes) yet! Grrr. Why is it so hard for me to dress up for formal occassions? Waaahhh!

This is the control freak and introvert in me speaking, but if only I can fast forward the days, huh? I'd gladly will it to be December 20 already.


  1. You can do it sis. Ako naman, I don't like dressing up ni formal attire. I am fond of wearing jeans/pants and tshirt/blouse lang e. Anyways, good luck. Ganyan din ako pag may inaantay na date, gusto ko hilahin na araw. hehe.

    Mommy Maye

    1. Ugghhh... same here. Hate na hate ko talaga to dress up for formal occasions. Wala pa naman akong talent sa make-up. Hehe!

  2. Christmas parties time na ulit. Every year we have Christmas party at the office all-expense paid by the company but this year walang party because the budget will go to our colleagues who were affected by Yolanda.

  3. I know how crazy this month is! My weekends are full as well, but I'm not complaining! :D

  4. Kaya yan! For sure, you'll have fun with your friends in Manila. Enjoy and live the moment, Sis! :)

  5. I'm sure you can come up with pretty cute ides for dress. I wish there's more time ofr me to get all the presents...:) Have fun at the wedding!:)

  6. December is a crazy month for me too.but I am sure you will enjoy all your appointements.

  7. Oooh, you can do it! I actually miss the busyness of the Christmas season - I haven't been so busy when I began working from home! I'm sure you'll enjoy the season. :-)

  8. Sounds like there's a lot of fun lined up, ENJOY!

  9. Just joined your site by the way care to join mine( you!

  10. Wala ring company Christmas party sa office ni hubby, fund will go to the typhoon victims. Pero meron lang silang small salu salo sa team nila. :-)

    So many things to do ha. Naku, don't worry too much sis. Para mas pretty sa aattendang wedding! :-)

  11. We still have 1 batch of MTOs to finsih before 21st. sana matapos na para bakasyon na. hehehe
    allan (

  12. I do hope it turns out better than you are predicting... But please don't stress the party. It will come and pass and you'll have a great time... I hope! ;-)


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